Discover the Conero Spring

Fabula is in a strategic position overlooking Sirolo Numana, Monte Conero and the Adriatic, with its beautiful and beaches (Mezzavalle, Portonovo, San Michele, Sassi blacks, the two sisters, Urbani beach, The spiaggiola, down to the waterfront Numana that continues south) and is within the Park Conero, so you can leave on foot or by bicycle walking and hiking in nature.

Nearby stables, golf, diving centers, the Conero Park Visitor Center, and also an excellent Marche-traditional food grill.

For wine lovers there are wineries to visit, and if you want on shopping you can enjoy the famous market shoes and not only in Civitanova.

The Fabula project participates in the Discover the Conero, in collaboration with Forestalp, and offers free to its guests the opportunity to participate in guided hikes in the program.

Discover the Conero